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Just as Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) have revolutionized the integration of micro-machine technologies with microelectronics, Eyelit has innovated the way MES and quality management systems marry processes for seamless traceability, complete genealogy, data collection, equipment maintenance management and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure quality in microelectronics manufacturing.
Several MEMS-related manufacturing firms are currently realizing the benefits of Eyelit's single-source manufacturing (MES) and quality management solution, which can be quickly implemented at a manageable cost to the supplier.

Eyelit's Manufacturing™ Suite provides the required functionality for MEMS manufacturers and includes the following features:
  • Full Work-in-Process Coordination and Control
  • Engineer Snap-and-Build Process Modeling
  • Probe and Breaking Management
  • Complete Genealogy and Data History from Wafer to Module
  • Design-of-Experiment (DOE) Management
  • Non-Conformance Management
  • Planning, Tracking and Control of Final Assembly
  • Raw Material Monitoring and Grading
  • Test and Monitor Wafer Management
  • Returned Material Authorization (RMA)
  • Binning
  • Predictive Maintenance Management
  • Carrier Control and Management
  • Out-of-the-box, Real-Time Statistical Process Control™ (SPC) with Proactive Process Monitoring and Auto-Response
  • Proven High-Performance, High-Volume, and Scalable Architecture to Grow with Your Manufacturing
"Eyelit is one of a new breed of production management suppliers that "gets it" when it comes to plant software. This is what manufacturers need in order to enhance enterprise performance in real time."