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Eyelit's Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Quality Management solution has evolved in the same manner as revolutionary advances have emerged in the semiconductor industry. By leveraging the knowledge from legacy systems and embracing newer technologies, Eyelit systems address the needs of semiconductor manufacturers facing fierce competition on cost and time to market—faster implementation, out-of-the-box integration, and quicker return on investment (ROI).

Eyelit's fourth-generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Quality Management solution has the competitive edge not only for existing manufacturers, but also for new players to the semiconductor industry, with the goal to lower their overall maintenance and total cost of ownership. With several successful conversions for its customers from other existing legacy MES and quality management solutions, Eyelit has continued to expand its award-winning product suite and position itself as the greatest, out-of-the-box value in the semiconductor industry.

Download the "M/A-COM Technology Solutions Case Study: Migration of Legacy Semiconductor MES to Eyelit" to learn more about a twelve week migration from a legacy MES to eyelit's advanced MES solution.

Eyelit's solution readily meets the distinct requirements of semiconductor manufacturers and includes the following features:

  • Full Work in Process (WIP) and Detailed Route Control
  • Test Wafer and Non Product Wafer Tracking and Control
  • Monitor Wafer Management
  • Queue Time and Minimum Process Timers
  • Out-of-the-box Notifications
  • Sample Plan Management
    • Auto and Manual Rework Functions
    • Non-Conformance Management
    • Probe and Break Management
  • Tooling and Durables (Spares, Probe Cards, Reticles) Tracking and Management
    • Built-in Control and Coordination of Equipment
    • Batch, Lot, Wafer, Die-level Tracking and Management
    • Carrier Control and Management
    • Equipment State Transition Management (SEMI E10)
    • Equipment Monitoring and Auto-Response
    • Multi-Dimensional, High-Volume Data Collection
    • Design-of-Experiment (DOE) Management
    • Built-in Factory Monitoring with Alerts and Warning Indicators
    • Out-of-the-box, Real-Time Statistical Process Control™ (SPC) with Proactive Process Monitoring and Auto-Response
    • Proven High-Performance, High-Volume, Scalable Architecture to Grow with Your Manufacturing
    • Proven High-Availability Integration Connectivity using Eyelit's FactoryConnect Integration Middleware
    • Alarm Management
"Eyelit is one of a new breed of production management suppliers that "gets it" when it comes to plant software. This is what manufacturers need in order to enhance enterprise performance in real time."