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Eyelit Manufacturing™ | Costing is a intuitive application aiding production engineers, quality engineers, compliance officers, and financial planners in understanding the true cost of producing goods and business processes. Designed to be independent of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Eyelit Asset Management and Quality systems, Eyelit Costing integrates easily with existing systems to provide easy acquisition of necessary and relevant data used to determine detailed costs of goods produced, quality, compliance, maintenance, or any business process. The highly configurable solution assists in achieving healthy bottom lines by providing precise calculation of any organization's standard operational costs.

By isolating the cost model from other systems, the cost model can be updated only when necessary. With a separate cost model, finance executives no longer need to worry about updating the cost model with every minor change to a process. Eyelit Costing's graphical, cost-modeling manager, allows users to rapidly configure and map costs from overhead, direct material, and direct or indirect labor objects to any process. These mapped costs are used to interpret WIP and material movement in the MES and ultimately determine the costs of goods produced.

Scheduled or on demand, Eyelit Costing cost runs occur when the user needs the information. Cost runs take the cost model and apply it to a relevant operating period, capturing all relevant cost data events. Returned data is then formatted in several reporting structures for determining costs. For example, costs can be view for an entire production area, down to the individual serialized production unit, cost of maintenance (including spare parts) for a specific tool or cost of compliance for a specific product. Data can also be exchanged easily with external systems, like ERP, for synchronization of absolute costs.

Planning cost impacts like raises or vendor part cost changes can be challenging to any organization. Eyelit Costing allows financial planners to understand how costs will affect the organization before they occur. By plugging in and running against previous operating periods, financial planners can capture the impact of costing changes to the organization.

Eyelit Costing is distributed with several calculations for costs that are affected by various operational procedures like scraps, material conversions, splits, maintenance tasks, and CAPAs. Understanding costs of production units is dependent on the costing application ability to interpret and apply the correct costs. Eyelit Costing empowers the end user by allowing the application of these unique cost calculations at different levels in the cost model.
"Eyelit is one of a new breed of production management suppliers that "gets it" when it comes to plant software. This is what manufacturers need in order to enhance enterprise performance in real time."